Reviews and feedback on The People of the Bird

Phil Fitzpatrick's Dec 2014 review of "The People of the Bird" on PNG Attitude website

Phil Fitzpatrick

....The People of the Bird is both a topical and enthralling novel that is expertly crafted and presented. There are plans for more in the same series and I am looking forward to reading them... (Excerpt from Phil's review).

Sam A., Mt Hagen

"This book is a thriller and creatively written by an experienced person who has spent half his life in this country (PNG) as a pilot, manager, trainer, mentor and missionary and one who truly loves PNG. It is a novel that every Papua New Guinean must read as it gives a clear insight on how we should behave and conduct ourselves when we have to make decisions on developments, be it in mining, forestry, fishing or anything else. I commend the author for the message in this book, so full of meaning, and wish him God's blessings as he continues to contribute to the development of PNG."

Kevin W. NZ

What a good read, sometimes I could not put it down, it was very well written and quite gripping!