2016 review - 8 publications.... a period of growth

Post date: Jan 16, 2017 6:28:43 AM

2016 has been a good year of unexpected growth for Nenge Books. It has included:

- reprinting of the first of a series of literacy language primers in the Pole (pronounced Po- lay) language of the Southern Highlands of PNG. Friends have generously donated to cover the cost of publication to enable us to provide the primers to the Pole community at no cost. This followed a visit in June 2016 to the area by Mike, where high illiteracy rates are experienced, especially among women and young people. One of the blockages to literacy classes was the lack of availability of the primers as current stocks, printed in the 1970 and 80s, had run out. 100 primers were delivered personally by Mike in October 2016 during a return visit. 4 or 5 more books in the series are in the process of being prepared for printing during 2017.

- reprinting of a Pole language book used for baptism classes by the Evangelical Church of PNG. This book also has been out of print and out of stock for some years. 100 copies will be delivered personally by Mike early in 2017.

- publishing RISING SMOKE, an inductive bible study booklet which has been a joint collaboration between Mike (as publisher) and Doug Parrington (the author - Mike's father in law). This is available now for purchase and is also being distributed selectively in PNG.

- publishing THE CROSS / DIWAI KROS, a study text and inductive bible study book based on studies in 1 Corinthians. It is written (by Mike) in English and PNG Tok Pisin on facing pages, and several hundred copies are being distributed in PNG for use as a resource for pastors and church leaders. Mike has also used it as a text for pastor inservice training conducted in PNG.

- publication of Melanesian versions of the NewLife Discipleship Training material initially produced in the Philippines. Two of four books in the series have now been published. This material was used in PNG by Mike previously and has now been published with a Melanesian cultural bias as a recourse for the church in PNG where it is being distributed and used.

- Publication of a colour Information Booklet for the BFO ministry for orphaned and abandoned children in Mt Hagen PNG. Copies were printed in Australia and USA for distribution to friends and supporters of this project in Australia, USA and in PNG.

- Publication of a private autobiographical booklet with colour pictures for a customer who wanted a small booklet to share their life story with friends. After an initial order of 40 , they have already ordered another 40!