New books - 30 books now published

Post date: Feb 11, 2020 4:58:48 AM

We've been pleased to be able to publish a number of new books which meet a demand in a particular focus area. Several autobiographies have been published in the last year, some authors just wanting to have their history available for family member, not for public distribution. Our print-on-demand process makes that easy as, once initial set up and publication costs are met, they only pay for the number they want printed, even as few as 10. They do make fascinating reading as everyone has such interesting stories even if they don't realise it!

Our PNG focus collection includes reprinting of literacy primers for the Pole (Poh-lay) language group in the Southern Highlands of PNG, and several church related books including topical teaching and even a Gogodala language hymn book from the Western Province (in proof mode at the moment - what a challenge to type it up in another language!). We have also published a number of Christian teaching books with a focus on inductive Bible study and discipleship training guides. At least one is a diglot in Pidgin English and English.

Several general interest books have also been published, overlapping with biographies. Auntie Wendy's story as an aboriginal growing up in white institutional homes but reconnecting with her family and finding her gift in dot painting is challenging and inspiring. Myo's story as a refugee to Australia is similarly confronting. 8 year old Ethan wrote and illustrated a story expressing his own journey when his dog died. Stories of hope from Sherwood Cliffs Drug Rehab centre are inspirational. These are the kind of life stories that showcase the reality of life at its painful worst yet take us beyond that to hope.

With around 30 books now published and demand to keep going, we are pleased that our small operation is growing to meet a niche market - people who want to publish (often in small numbers but not limited to that) but cannot find a cost effective way to do that. That what we are specialising in, with a growing multi-cultural focus.