It is an amazing feeling of achievement when you finally hold your published book in your own hands! The process takes time, reviewing, proof-reading multiple times, getting phraseology and design just right, dare I say perfect, and then waiting for it to be printed. But the end result will give you such joy and sense of accomplishment it will lift your self-esteem and your spirits to incredible heights. I think it is one of the most rewarding projects anyone can do. And anyone can do it. Become an author!

Nenge Books is an Independent Publishing Service Provider, a small family owned Australian business, ABN 26809396184, registered for GST. As such we meet all taxation requirements for a small business.

Authors who wish to submit their work to Nenge Books for publishing using Print-on-Demand (POD) and ebook publishing are welcome to do so. Nenge Books is particularly interested in publishing from multi-cultural and indigenous contexts with a strong interest in Papua New Guinea and Australia. Our service is particularly applicable to small volume print runs but easily handles large volumes as well. We offer a range of book sizes and formats, B/W and colour, soft and hard cover. Minimum page count is 20 pages.

What is PoD?

Nenge Books publishes using Print-on-Demand technology through Ingram Spark. This means that large quantities of books do not need to be ordered to reduce the individual cost per book to a reasonable amount. POD technology means that manuscript documents are stored electronically and printed off in the exact quantities required, at a fixed per book price. This allows any number of books from one (1) onwards to be ordered and printed for the same per book cost (once set up costs are covered). In other words, you only pay for the number of books you want printed at the time. Further quantities can be ordered at any time at the same per book price (subject to third party printing cost increases).

What does NENGE BOOKS charge?

To assist promoting independent authors, we are able to provide advice on proof reading, editing, layout and cover design based on the author's specifications, and if editing work is required prior to submission of the text file to the printer, reasonable rates will be negotiated with the author. We use Adobe InDesign, a professional industry standard, for desktop publishing, and Adobe Photoshop for any photo or picture work required. As a small independent publisher, our aim is to help others who, like us, cannot afford expensive services. Once your document file is ready for printing, based on our quoted charges, the only additional charge is a small commission on each book you order or sold through commercial outlets such as Amazon or bookshops. However, small print runs made available only to the author are also available if the author does not wish to have their book available to the general public.

What should I do to get my book published?

1. Authors should contact us by email at nengebooks1 [at] in the first instance with brief details of their publishing project. It can include a draft document file and colour photos or pictures. However we suggest you only send a brief summary of the project first which will enable us to assess our capacity to take on your project. We recognise that your document text is a valuable personal achievement which we will treat confidentially with respect. We reserve the right to reject manuscripts we are not able to publish for any reason.

2. We will then follow up and commence a process of reviewing the document text (best sent in a WORD file preferably with no formatting) and advising what is required to ensure it is ready for submission for printing, including a quote for publishing and any editing which may be required. This will include the (colour) cover as well, which should if possible include artwork or photos supplied by the author. Generally some editing and proof reading is required before a manuscript is ready. We will advise you what is required, and can offer some services in proof reading and editing if required. There is no fee for our advise at this stage however any proof reading or editing work requested or required by us will be charged at a reasonable rate, as negotiated before work commences. This process can take several weeks, even months, as the document flows between the author and ourselves to ensure it is at the highest standard possible. (You have probably read books that have spelling or typing errors - our goal is to eliminate them in your book!)

3. We will enter into a contract with you which contains your wishes with the project, and to ensure both of our rights are maintained. Once set up costs as quoted to you are paid, and the contract signed, we will then commence the process of preparing your document for publishing and submitting for printing.

4. Once the document is accepted for printing, an eproof copy is usually available online within a few days, and a hard copy proof copy if requested within about 2 weeks (subject to postage time). Books with colour pictures or photos will take about 4 weeks. Books are able to be printed in Melbourne, with printing houses also in USA, Canada and UK to supply orders made in those countries, through the printing company we use. Postage times may add a few days to this depending on your location.

5. Once the proof copy is verified by the author, books can be ordered immediately. If changes are needed, they can be made before another proof copy is issued, but this will incur a small fixed fee.

How can others get my book when published?

Once published, books become available to be ordered by readers direct from the Nenge Books website and through any bookshop (in shop and online) globally through the publisher's global distribution network, if the author wishes to be included in this distribution network. A retail sale price is stipulated at the time of publishing. Further active promotional opportunities to global bookshops are available for a fixed fee.

The book will always be available to be purchased in any quantity by the author directly from us as publisher at a wholesale price of cost price plus Nenge Books commission. The author can then give books away, or sell directly to the public or though their own networks at whatever price they wish. The author retains the copyright and all books have an international ISBN number so they are available to be ordered globally through bookstores. If the book is also required as an ebook, available from Amazon or Apple outlets, Nenge Books can also make it available as an ebook. Any additional costs in the set up phase need to modify the text to e-format will be advised.

Some authors do not wish to have their book available publicly, but keep it just for family and friends only, and that can also be done.

What will it actually cost me?

Once we accept your project, we will quote up front for all costs associated with a) setup to publication, and b) costs of books once published. We will advise specific costs once we have reviewed the authors project.

Please feel free to email us at nengebooks1 [at] if you have any questions or wish to start the publication process.