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Updated September 2021

BUY ONLINE HERE - 10% Discount on RRP for books

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The People of the Bird, Nenge Series 1 by Michael Jelliffe. 200 pages, paperback. ISBN 9780992562007 AU$19.95 + GST

See reviews for this book under the REVIEWS tab above, and read some chapters under the 'People of the Bird' tab.

Two generations, two cultures, a shared history, an uncertain future, and one bird... nenge.

Set in the jungles of modern Papua New Guinea, an isolated community reacts against time to meet the challenges of a mining venture being thrust upon it. Guided by stories of their ancestors, the leaders discover how a small Bird of Paradise guides both generations and inspires them to reach some surprising conclusions. Book 1 of the series, Book 2 to be released late in 2021.

NEW RELEASE The Third Movement by Gerald Buttrose, 380 pages, paperback ISBN 978-0-6488206-4-2, RRP AUD$29.99 + GST. ON SALE FROM 26 JULY 2021. An historical novel. Foreword by Ita Buttrose. (Also available as a hardcover version ISBN 978-0-6488206-5-9 - email for details).

Between 1939 and 1945 there were four major conflicts fought throughout the world, collectively known simply as World War II. The Australian Imperial Forces were the only ground troops from any Allied nations to play a major role in two of those wars, the Middle East and New Guinea.Gerald Buttrose was one of those who fought in New Guinea and now at 98 years old has produced his first novel to keep the remembrance of that time alive.

Patrick Sheridan is a musical prodigy. With poignant empathy the author describes his upbringing on a rural NSW property, learning piano from his mother and sheep farming from his father. At the Conservatorium he discovers not only his musical prowess and yearning to compose, but also the young violinist who steals his heart. He longs to compose a concerto in three movements for her. Then his life comes to a crisis point - should he follow a career in music or join the fight for his country?

This could be the story of any one of those ANZAC soldiers, reflecting not only the experience of one person, but the whole network of family, friends and associates whose lives were entwined with them. In doing so, the story graphically and emotionally captures the tremendous capacity of war to disrupt our lives and create a grief at both personal, community and national levels. Lest we forget. The author has done his mates proud with this story.

Click here to read The Third Movement - Historical introduction and Prologue. (use L/R arrow keys to scroll pages).

General Interest

COUNTLESS - Sherwood Cliffs Drug Rehab Centre, stories by Honi Reifler. 128 pages, photos, paperback.ISBN 978-0-6480675-3-5 AU$19.95 + GST (Also available as ebook)

A collection of anecdotes reflecting on some of the countless miracles of God at work through the ministry of Sherwood Christian Rehab Centre, Glenreagh, NSW, Australia, published for the 40 year anniversary in January 2018. Honi Reifler, who with her husband JP pioneered Sherwood Christian Rehab Centre, recounts some of the miracles they have seen and experienced during the 40 years of the ministry of Sherwood. By relying totally on God to provide in every situation, they have seen God provide in remarkable situations, and seen God's power at work in people lives' in extraordinary ways. These stories are not only encouragement but proof that God is active in people's lives today.

Max and Me by Ethan Love. 28 pages, illustrations by Ethan, paperback.ISBN 9780648067573 AU$11.95 + GST

7 year old author Ethan has written this short story about his pet dog, Max, following Max's death. As such it is his way of expressing his fondness and grief for his departed dog. This was all his own idea and work in the weeks following Max's death. He is also a budding artist and undertook to also illustrate his story as well. The book is a wonderful example of how a child, given encouragement and space, can use creative arts and writing to express their feelings in times of grief. A useful resource for any child grieving the loss of a pet.


The Treasury of Teapu: Discovering the real gold in Bougainville by Ray Grindley. 366 pages, colour photos, paperback. ISBN 978-0-6488206-1-1 AU$49.95 + GST + FREE POSTAGE within Australia (with 10% discount, total = $45.00 + GST).

1969 was a turning point in Australian Accountant Ray Grindley's life. As a Christian volunteer working with the United Church in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, he meticulously recorded details about the life and culture of the people of Teapu in northern Bougainville. Now, 50 years later, he has combined the stories, along with his own experiences living there, into one record. Traditional oral stories, conversations with people in the community, experiences travelling the island of Bougainville, historical backgrounds, kinship systems, initiation ceremonies, archeological artefacts, spiritual beliefs, the growth of the church, missionaries and their ministry, aspects of practical life such as gardening and fishing, all supported by many photographs, make this an amazingly valuable anthropological insight into Melanesian village life at that time. What makes this such a valuable record is that much of this information was lost to the people during the civil war of the 1980s, when an estimated 20,000 people died in a protracted confrontation over the Panguna open cut copper-gold-silver mine. It is information Bougainvilleans are keen to rediscover and Ray's modern day contacts, some who were children when he was there, are keen to propagate it. Ray's diligence has in fact resulted in him being the repository of otherwise lost cultural data. Each chapter also takes the reader on a personal journey with Ray, who arrived in a state of despondency following the death of his girlfriend, and left a year later transformed having discovered what he calls the real gold in Bougainville - the love and acceptance of a people previously unknown to him. This makes it such a delightful read because the anthropological and cultural information, while scholarly in its own right, is presented in the continuing context of his own journey of self-discovery and healing with the people of Teop. This book will appeal to anyone with an interest in modern Christian missions and the rise of the indigenous church in Melanesia. As a fascinating accumulation of anthropological information written in layman's language, it will be an invaluable reference to life in Bougainville fifty years ago, before the civil war led to widespread destruction and loss within the society. As such it is an amazing contribution to the forgotten history of Bougainville. As a personal interest story, of how one man found love to be real and found his faith in people and his God reinvigorated, it is an inspirational read.

Click here to read The Treasury of Teapu - Chapter 24 .

NEW RELEASE POMBREOL My Hero, by Stella Sondpi, 190 pages, paperback. ISBN 978-0-6488206-7-3 $19.95 + GST

Life for the Southern Highlanders of Papua New Guinea was tough in the times before first contact with the outside world in the mid 20th century through patrols from the Australian colonial administration. Secluded from the rest of the world in their valleys, it was survival against the odds. Drought, famine, disease, crop failure, high mortality rates for women and children, and the ever present threat of attack from enemy tribes drove them to seek the help of ancestral spirits, usually through elaborate and secretive pig sacrifices.

Stella Sondpi passionately and graphically recounts the stories of life and love in the time before contact with the outside world, as told to her by her beloved grandfather, Pombreol. With brutal honesty the reality of tribal life is exposed as the reader journeys with Pombreol through the events of his life, becoming a warrior, husband and father, while negotiating the many other challenges to survival - the final challenge being how to respond to the first incursions of patrol officers onto their sacred grounds.

This narration of a true life story gives a wonderful insight into pre-contact tribal culture in Papua New Guinea from the viewpoint of the people themselves. As such it is not only a riveting read but a great anthropological resource.

Click here to read POMBREOL - Introduction and Chapter One (use L/R arrow keys to scroll pages)

NEW RELEASE From Fear to Freedom - The Transformation of Yuna-land by Marjorie Pethybridge, 182 pages with colour photos, ISBN 978-0-6488206-8-0 $21.99 + GST. Revised and updated edition.

The Yuna tribe in the Southern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea were completely unreached by missionaries until 1961, in fact their area, only recently discovered by the rest of the world, was still restricted to government patrols. "There is a dense population of thousands barely touched with the Gospel" was the pioneer missionary report at that time. This book describes how in less than ten years the Yuna tribe was set free from lifelong bondage to evil spirits and how they enjoyed the freedom of being God's children. Writing from her mission outpost in Yuna-land in those pioneering days in the 1960s, the author, who with her husband and young family, took on the challenge of reaching out to the Yuna with the gospel, follows the true stories of transformation as they happened. Here is a readable and lively account of a modern mission movement, with photos, that anyone with an interest in cross-cultural mission will find an inspiration.

SPARROW IN THE HALL, autobiography by Robin Jelliffe, 260 pages, B&W & colour photographs, paperback. ISBN 978-0-6488889-1-8 $23.95 + GST

Robin Jelliffe grew up in wartime England fascinated with aircraft, going on to complete medical training in the years following the end of WWII. His accounts of life and medical training capture the essence of life at that time, with some humour. After marrying Jillian in 1951, they elected to go to Nigeria in government service, assigned to remote locations in northern Nigeria. With responsibility as the only doctor for large areas, this was indeed medical pioneering at its best. Robin describes in vivid detail the challenges of providing medical care in an age only just discovering antibiotics, and in a place where infrastructure, including medical equipment, was sparse. After 4 years in Nigeria and two years back in UK, they emigrated to Australia with their then 3 sons, a fourth born later in Australia. Working initially in rural QLD as a hospital superintendent, after 2 years they moved to Coffs Harbour on the east coast of NSW where Robin worked as a GP, hospital superintendent and surgeon until retirement. Once again his descriptions of general practice are illuminating and often humorous. He learnt to fly after arriving in Australia and over the years built and flew two homebuilt aircraft, seeing the fulfilment of his boyhood aviation dreams. His story is a fascinating account of life and medicine in an age now surpassed by advances in technology and medical innovation.

"I have now finished Sparrow in the Hall. Put downable - but only just! Full of incidents portrayed grippingly. Robin's talents as a writer of prose match his medical and aviation skills." The Late Hon Peter Heerey AM QC.

I was Thursday's Child - autobiography by Jillian Jelliffe. 264 pages, B&W & colour photographs, paperback. ISBN 978-0-6480675-1-1 AU$23.95 + GST

"Thursday's child has far to go", says the poem. From birth in Canada to growing up in England as a Navy child in the Depression and WWII, Jillian Jelliffe tells of her childhood and recalls the stories that shaped her character in a world very different to today. After qualifying as an Occupational Therapist she married a doctor and together they served five years in colonial Nigeria 1952-56. In 1959 they emigrated to Australia where they settled and raised a family of four boys. With her father away for long periods as a Navy officer, and her mother absent for periods with mental heath issues, Jillian grew up as flotsam, as she describes it - living in a number of homes and attending different schools in her formative years of childhood, in the lead up to and during WWII. Her training as an OT, subsequent marriage to a doctor and their sojourn to Nigeria for five years provides wonderful insights into colonial life at the time. After emigrating to Australia, Jillian finally finds a place to call home permanently, ending her life journey around the world.

The Riverina Runs Through My Blood - autobiography by Graham S Robb. 128 pages, pictures, paperback. ISBN 978-0-6482882-0-6 AU$19.95 + GST

The author describes what life was like growing up in the Riverina region of NSW and Victoria, Australia, during the 1940-1960's. From his personal experiences he showcases what life was like for rural people at that time, the harshness of climate, and beauty of the river systems, particularly the Murrumbidgee River, and the flora and fauna which he grew to love. With many glimpses into his own personal life journey as a youngster, the author takes the reader on a jorney of discovery through his eyes, alerting the reader to many aspects of life on the land at that time. As such it is a rich record of everyday life on the land in rural Australia in the early to middle of last century.

An Ongoing Journey - from Christian Work to Servanthood by Douglas K Parrington. 350 pages, colour photos. ISBN 978-0-6480675-9-7 AU$31.95 + GST.

The autobiography of Douglas K Parrington and his life journey from infancy to missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea, where he (with his wife and six children) translated the New Testament into the Ewage-Notu language. In mid life, teacher Douglas left Adelaide, Australia, to become a Bible translator with Summer Institute of Linguistics in PNG. Assigned to the coastal Ewage-Notu language group along the north coast of Papua (the same coastline that the Japanese forces used to launch their invasion across the Kokoda Track to Port Moresby in 1942), the author and his wife spent 20 years, much of it living in local villages, from 1973 to learn the language and then translate what was the 100th NT translation by SIL in PNG. He traces his childhood influences and history in this journey which at every turn was inspired by Scripture. As such this is an amazing story not only of the feat of translation and God's provision and direction for them, but also of the author's experience of a living relationship with God lived out in his experience of the Bible, a relationship he inspired in others.

In the World Alone - My Story by Auntie Wendy Craig. 48 pages, photographs, paperback.ISBN 978-0-6484284-4-2 AU$17.99 + SGT

Growing up in children's and institutional homes, the author never realised she had a family or was aboriginal. Stricken by polio at a very young age, and being one of the youngest in a large family, she was made a ward of the state following her mother's death. Coupled with her need for treatment and rehabilitation, she grew up in state institutional homes in Sydney. In this honest account, she tells her story of coping with disabilities and institutional life believing she was alone in the world. Until one day, in her teens, she discovered her family and gradually reunited with them, eventually moving back to her home country at Coffs Harbour. At the same time she also discovered her talent as an artist in traditional aboriginal dot painting style. Today she is an elder in her Gumbaynggirr community on the mid north coast of NSW. Her story is an important contribution to the documentation of the lives of Aboriginal children.

Dekeleba, The Lake Bird: the story of Pastor Kitapateke by Sarah Kende. 36 pages, photos, paperback. ISBN 978-0-6484284-8-0 AU$15.99 + GST

The story of Kitapateke Yonape who was one of the first converts to Christianity when missionaries first entered the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. He became a pastor and leader in the community. This is his story of growing up in the early days where cultural practices and tribal warfare were common, as told to Sarah Kende.

Christian Training/Teaching

Leading to Empower - Biblical perspectives on the art of leading and managing people, by Michael Jelliffe. 106 pages, includes case studies and simulation exercises, paperback. ISBN 978-0-6484284-9-7 AU$17.95 + GST

Besides its value in terms of historical, geographical, cultural, ethnic, archeological, spiritual and other areas of interest, the Bible gives us many insights into principles of working with people and the art of leadership and people management. This book looks at some of those principles, coming out of key Biblical narratives, recognising that they provide a foundation for developing the most effective people management skills, whether in business, NGO, club, church or at home. Originally developed by the author as devotional exercises for frontline management training courses he was conducting, the author applies these principles to practical management scenarios, reflecting his own understanding of people management from first hand experience.

Rising Smoke - The Levitical Offerings by Douglas K Parrington. 64 pages, paperback.ISBN 9780992562076 AU$15.95 + GST

The author has applied his scholarship and lifetime experience as a teacher and Bible translator to bring the meaning and significance of the Old Testament offerings (burnt, grain, peace, sin and guilt offerings) in Leviticus chapters 1 to 6 to our attention. By carefully guiding us through relevant Scriptures to discover their meaning, he highlights the prophetic nature of these sacrifices in God's plan of redemption, and their fulfilment in the New Testament in Christ. In doing so he challenges and inspires us to a deeper faith walk with God.

Suitable for individual or group use, these inductive studies are designed for people seeking to understand the Old Testament in God's plan of salvation in Christ.

The Cross - the Power and Wisdom of God by Michael Jelliffe. 84 pages, paperback. (In English and PNG Tok Pisin in one volume). ISBN 9780992562083 AU$16.95 + GST

An inductive Bible study on 1 Corinthians on the theme of Paul's claim that the Cross is the wisdom and power of God. Written for the Melanesian context, the studies are in both English and PNG Tok Pisin. The studies explore the context of the church at Corinth in Paul's day, primarily from 1 Corinthians 1, and the contextual and cultural issues that Paul faced in preaching the gospel leading to his assertion of Christ's crucifixion being the wisdom of God. Then the events of Good Friday, Easter Saturday (Sabbath) and Resurrection Sunday are explored with particular reference to 1 Corinthians 15, explaining Paul's assertion that within Jesus' death and resurrection are the power of God. Throughout the studies contextual issues of relevance to Melanesians are raised. The studies are based around a series of Bible readings and questions with some teaching provided to expand on relevant issues being discussed. The book is designed as a resource primarily for the church in Papua New Guinea though the studies in English are suitable for any English speakers particularly from an non-western background.

Turning the World Upside Down - The Kingdom of God in Matthew's Gospel, by Michael Jelliffe. 102 pages.ISBN 9780648428435 AU$17.95 + GST

Suitable for individual or group use, this inductive Bible study, centered in the gospel of Matthew, looks at how the Kingdom of God formed the backbone of Jesus’ teaching and ministry, and considers how it applies to the church today. 11 studies follow Matthew's account chapter by chapter starting with the genealogy of Jesus through to the fulfilment of the kingdom in heaven, looking at the Scripture record of Jesus' ministry from birth, temptations, commission for ministry and teaching through the parables. Jesus's confrontations with the religious leaders and dynamic ministry with people demonstrating the kingdom are considered, as is the element of Jubilee raised in Jesus' quoting Isaiah 61 in his commission (in Luke 4). Aspects of the fulfilment of the kingdom, judgement and the coming of the new Jerusalem lead into consideration of what the church is today in relation to the Kingdom of God, here but not complete. Reflection questions at the end of each study help focus on contextual issues for the reader, challenging them to apply Kingdom of God values in response to the topic studied. The book has space after each question for written answers if desired. The purpose of the study is to help understand how central the Kingdom of God is to understanding God's purposes in the world.

Life in the Spirit - A Biblical View of the Person & Work of the Holy Spirit in Melanesian Context by Ps Dole Peter. 54 pages , paperback. ISBN 9780648428428 AU$15.90 + GST

An inductive Bible Study on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit coming out of a study on the topic by Papua New Guinean pastors and Bible School students with the Evangelical Church of PNG (ECPNG). The 8 studies direct readers to consider Melanesian world view aspects of spirits and ancestoral spirituality against the Biblical doctrine of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. The initial study has been written up as an inductive study in this book by ECPNG Pastor Dole, and is suitable for personal study or group use.

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